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A new car with a glistening shine and fresh looks will not only spread a positive vibe but also show good social status. On the other hand, old and damaged cars are considered worthless and are taken as a financial burden or economic liability. This consideration is quite plausible as such cars can no longer take you for a ride nor can help you in any other way. Don’t worry, as SJD Trading Ltd services can help you in this endeavour.

Getting rid of them as soon as you can, would be a better way to treat such old cars. But finding a buyer who would be ready to invest in your junk means that you are up for some leg work.

Full List Of Our Services

Non Runners

So your car is a non-runner and you are having a nightmare trying to find a suitable buyer? At SJD Trading Ltd we specialise in these types of vehicles. We have the confidence that we have the required skills and expertise to be able to offer you higher than normal sums for your problem vehicle.

mot failures

Nearly one in five of all cars fail their MoT because of a problem with their lights and/or indicators. SJD Trading Ltd offer cash for cars being sold. There are no tricks, no hidden agenda. If you want to sell your vehicle today then get in touch.

accident damaged

Your car can get damaged in a number of different ways. It can be damaged by hailstones, fire, flood, accidents, or improper handling. SJD Trading Ltd is well aware of the difficult situation you face when it comes to getting rid of your damaged vehicles. Our first priority is to provide hassle-free car removal to the community around us.

unwanted cars

Every year, new models are introduced to the market, bringing with them new designs and advanced technologies. However, allowing it to rust in the garage or become a landfill is illogical. It doesn’t seem likely, particularly at a time when you can sell your unwanted car in UK and make a lot of money. SJD Trading is one of these wreckers that offers dependable service and a large sum of money.

We Buy Cars of Any Brand No Matter the Condition

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